Call to check delivery rates (charge are according to the quantity of order.)
Delivery buffer time: 3 to 4 hours . For express delivery or delivery after 7.30pm, please call us to check the rates & availability.

$298 Package: Bridal Car Decor (Choose design priced $238 & below) + Following Car Ribbon (1 set) + Bridal Bouquet (Choose any $68 design) + 3 Corsages (Choose designs $9 & below). – Top ups available should you choose any designs other than the ones mentioned above.

NOTE: Please proceed to “Valentine’s Day” category to make purchase for flowers to be delivered between 7th to 14th February, as the prices in all other categories would require an top up should you decide to go with them instead. Kindly call us to check the rates and availability before purchasing from these categories (other than Valentine’s Day). All Roses prices will varies during valentine days. Please refer to “Valentine Day Flowers” for More Information.

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